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Please, anyone in the Cheltenham area, I am trying to trace where my grandmother, MARY JANE DUNCAN b.1871 THORNABY ON TEES, d. 25th Aug. 1949 in NAZARETH HOUSE, OLD BATH ROAD. Both dates are true - I have all certificates. My problem is, there is no record as to where she maybe after her death. Am I right in saying that the address above is no longer? I did, however, find details of NAZERETH HOUSE in London, they gave me a phone no. which I rang till blue without getting an answer. WHY? Any help in finding her would be most gratefully received.


Posted: 25 March 2013

Have you contacted Cheltenham Cemetery

Posted: 11/04/2013


Hi, My great aunt and uncle were both at St Annes Nursery college in the 1911 census. I am having great difficulty in finding out anything about the college and reasons why very young children were there. My aunt and uncle were only aged under 1 years and just 2. Their parents were in service in London. If anyone has any info i would very grateful. Thank you.


Posted: 07/04/2013



I am trying to find my brother Dennis Michael Hoptroff. has a son Christain.plz contact me



Hiya, I have seen that your looking for dennis hoptroff and i have a dad with the same name which he has son called christian.it sounds like we are looking for the same person. if thats the case your my auntie.please could you get back to me.by email Thanks


My family include the Hailing(s) or Hayling(s), lots of whom were from Cheltenham. My gg uncle was Thomas HAILING who lived with his large family at Bromland (or Broomland) House, Oxford Passage, Cheltenham. He was apprenticed to Thomas WILLEY a well known local figure and chartist who lived there before him. Thomas WILLEY was born in Bristol c.1795 and died in 1861. The HAILING name was also spelt HAYLING and several of the male Haylings were boot/shoemakers and cordwainers in Cheltenham. I've never visited the town but would love to know whether Bromland House and Oxford Passage is still standing. Perhaps even to see a photograph. I believe the printing business survived until 1956.


Posted: 12 September 2009

Hi Joanie,

Firstly - I'm unrelated to either the Willey or the Hailing families! But I (and others) have done quite a bit of work on Thomas Willey - Roy Palmer has written an article on him for the National Dictionary of Biography. Prior to that he wrote a brief life at http://www.mustrad.org.uk/enth33.htm

I have photocopies of all the Willey broadsheets that are at Cambridge, but there are other scattered around. I'm also interested in the Hailing family, although they didn't do so much in the ballad printing way, but did fine printing of which I've seen many examples.

Peter Smith, who died last year and who I knew through the local history society was a distant relative of the Hailing family and we compared notes, so I've got various information, including obituaries in the local paper, which I could send you if you're interested.

As far as Oxford Passage is concerned, it was virtually next door to the Elizabethan Grammar School in Cheltenham High Street (my father remembers it well and remembers the print shop). However the whole block was demolished in 1965-6 to make way for an brutalist concret block containing Tesco and other shops.

A local architect called Patterson photographed most of the buildings of Cheltenham before they were demolished during this period, but he didn't catalogue his work very well and there are several thousand photographs in the Glocuesterhire Record Office - I'm still looking though!

I'm doing a bit of a family tree on Ancestry which I'd be happy for you to have a look at as well. Sorry it's taken me so long to see your posting, but hope this is of interest.

Posted: 28 March 2011

Hiya, this is my family too. Please get in touch with me on email. Regards

Marshall Hailing, Birmingham

Posted: 02/04/2013


Researching the Newman Family in and around Prestbury. Would like to hear from anyone researching the same name.

Sandie Newman

Posted: 6 May 2009

Hi Sandie,

There are a few of us researching this family. The lot I am interested in come from Longdon in Worcestershire. They seem to have moved to the Longdon / Eldersfield / Forthampton area when Robert Newman bought Forthampton House from the Earl of Dorset in 1679. Drop me a line and perhaps we can work out where you fit in.


Posted: 11 December 2009

There are some Newmans still living at Presbury that own a farm. I am looking for an Evelyn Newman born about 1911, I dont believe she ever married but helped other families and may have helped find a home for my half brother, If anyone knew this lady please contact me.

Thank you

Posted: 20/03/2013

Hello, I'm searching for the boarding nursery [school] I was sent in 1944 - I was 3 yrs old - in Cheltenham. How would I find this? Are there old directories? I think the name was M[H[um[n]fries/Munford/Montford. Not much to go on, but I think my half brother was also there and I'm searching for him.



Posted: 27 September 2009

Hi, You may find it usefull to contact the main library at cheltenham,glos. They have a great local history section, staff are always willing to point you in the right direction. Good Luck

Posted:22 July 2010

RAVENHURST Residential Nursery Pittville Lawn Cheltenham, this is the name of the Nursery I was searching for, I would very much like to hear from any war- time pupils as I was there myself, It was run by a women called Diana Burmester.


Does anyone know anyone that was a pupil at Ravenhurst Residential Nursery School between 1940-1945. I was there and believe my half brother and/or cousin were also there , Ravenhurst was sold after the war and became a B&B, It now has new owners restoring the Large Georgian House into a new top class B&B Please contact me if you have any information.



It would be nice to trace any relatives, my Grandmother on my mothers side lived at North Place in the 1950s, I don't know her name apart from her surname being HILL,she had a daughter ( my mother Alice / Mary ) and three sons, Ernie, Ron and youngest being John,who was in the Australian Army for a while, then came home. My dads name was Howard James Price, from Cardiff. I think my Grandmother and John lived on Tewksbury Road at a later date. Any info would be appreciated,thank you.


Posted: 18/03/2013


I have been searching for a photograph or drawing of "Fairfield House". My Great Grandfather owned the property in 1882, I believe it was torn down in the 50's.


Posted: 16/03/2013


Hi, I'm Dave Pumphrey, in Akron, Ohio, USA. I have been researching my family history for a few years. I have found that the Anglo Pumphrey/Pomfrey line originated in the Charlton Kings/ Cheltenham area of England. My first ancestor to arrive in America was Walter Pumphrey, b. 1655, Charlton Kings. If anyone in Gloucestershire County can help me in my research I would be very grateful. Thank you,


Posted: 05/03/2013


I am trying to trace births and parent details for Selina Hayward c1821 and Mary Ann Hayward c1822, both born in Cheltenham. Selina was my 2nd great grandmother and I have her marriage certificate for Sep 1848 which was witnessed by her sister Mary Ann (and husband Stephen Broom) and gives her father as George Hayward Wood merchant. Selina and her new husband James Alexander were both living in Devonshire Street, Cheltenham prior to marriage. So far I have been unable to find birth or baptism records for Selina and Mary Ann and can not identify their mother's name or trace a marriage for George. Can anyone please help or advise? Thanks


Posted: 02/03/2013


Hello, I live in South Australia and am researching my 3rd Great Grandfather John Mander, born about 1791. He lived at Whaddon Farm from at least 1851 - 1871 (I'm still trying to find other census information). I would really appreciate any photos and information about the farm and John Mander and his family. I am not sure if he owned the farm or was leasing it. Thank you in advance,


Posted: 20/02/2013



Any record of the Milburn or Jenkins families in Cheltenham?

Alexander Jenkins

Posted: 20/02/2013



Hi, I have accidentally found this website - thank you - and hope that someone who reads this message may have information of use to me. My great grandfather and great grandmother were married in St Johns Church, on August 6th 1900, which I now believe to be no longer in existence and lived in St Anne's Cottages. Their parents were William Knight and Andrew Greenman, who married Sarah Greenman. If you have any information regarding them, I would love to hear from you. Thank you





I was born David White in 1943 to Constance Emily White, who was listed on my birth certificate as coming from dronfield - london road, in Charlton Kings, U.K. If you have any knowledge of her relatives please contact me. I live in the U.S. now. There was (no father listed on the birth cert)., and my adopted parents told me he died in the WWII, (which may not be true). Constance Emily White was listed on my birth cert. as a "Lady's companion of Dronfield". Probably Constance kept my birth a secret. An older woman accompanied Constance Emily White to the drop off of me to the adoptive parents near Bristol U.K. when I was approximately 6 wks. old (we are not sure of the age of me at the time) Thanks for your help

David Rawcliffe





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